Saturday, June 2, 2012


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Welcome to Observe, Discover, Share: Leading from Everywhere, a blog serving as a resource for all of us in leadership roles... and even for those who wouldn't consider themselves in leadership roles. You'll also find this blog focusing on the human element of leadership, as leadership is a two-way-street, i.e the necessary synergy between the leader and the led. I believe sharing our experiences profoundly affects all of us no matter who we are, how we appear to be in others' eyes, or what role we play.  I believe the leadership experience can only be realized through teamwork. And, after all, teams are dynamic groups of human relationships and interactions.To this end, this blog serves as a resource to:

1)  Enable the fostering of relationships, qua team dynamics, for those who, a) manage people, and b) are the people being managed (but who have innate leadership qualities)

2) Illustrate leadership methods by sharing personal observations and experiences as both the manager and the managed in both upper-academic administration at a major research university and the private sector.

No only will we learn about one side or the other side, but all sides of our leadership experience.So let's begin to observe, discover and share our leadership experience!

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